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booty wall of fame


“IT’S MY ONE YEAR FITVERSARY!!! A year ago today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I took my very first “before” picture. I had been in the Bootybands members group for a couple months and I was finally inspired to change. I’m so glad I did 💞😭 Seeing this transformation is so overwhelming for me because I’d been hiding behind my self-limiting beliefs for my entire life...

BootyBands Coach Daisy

I had my daughter 2 years ago and wanted to get rid of my 'pooch.' I haven't seen results like this with any other program. Love the support and motivation it comes with.


My heaviest point, a size 18/20, 200 lbs & 40” waist. Today I am now a size 6, 130 lbs & 26” waist!!!! Love my Booty Bands!”


benefits of the original booty bands

Quality Material

Holds Shape

Won’t Bunch


For All Body Types

Interactive Calendar

Meal Plan

Access to Provate Group

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