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What Is Booty Bands

In a nutshell, it’s a Patented band with the an all in one guide that will get you a powerful, shaped, FIRM booty and Small Waist

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, getting the perfect Big booty is super simple, and SUPER AWESOME

If you are looking to enhance, shape, and firm your booty, you understand it isn’t as easy as it seems!

Or so you thought.

We have created a 3 part guide to get you to your PERFECT booty goal! Everything from a 10-day program that will target each part of your booty based off your desires - to - a STRAIGHTFORWARD diet program to follow as you go along this road to a PERFECT BOOTY.

Be the Change!

Whether you don’t have a booty or too much of one, you CAN change


it and oftentimes the biggest changes in life comes from the smallest things (like a booty band!)!

Choose Your Booty Goal!

Booty Enhance Programme

Booty Reduce Programme

The Difference We've Made

Every woman deserves to look great, to feel confident, to be able to go out and turn heads.

That’s the idea that inspired me to create booty bands, to share both the band and years of knowledge as a trainer, with the women of the world so they can get the love and appreciation they deserve.

I wanted to help bring a positive change in their lives and changed lives we have!

Here’s what some of the ladies have to say about Booty Bands.

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Who Is Danita Young

Hello, My name is Danita Young and I am a Personal Trainer, Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, Model, Dance Instructor, Coach, Mentor. But these titles don’t define me. I am like million other women, who wanted to look good, to be loved and to turn their life around!

Originally lost in the molds of society, trapped in bad relationships, and easily persuaded by negativity; I lost myself in the low self-esteem dungeon. The cellulite and spare tire I had to look at everyday compromised my overall happiness. I spent my miserable free time hunched over a screen trying to google my unhappiness away. I starved my poor body and did every cardio workout on the first page of youtube. All women have a “power woman” image who they would love to be; a collection of self-discipline and self-respect so high that all you do is make good decisions. I knew I wanted this woman but what separated “her” from “me”. I came to the conclusion that instead of working towards being the future me, i began to behave like I already had her mindset. The impact of this simple shift in my thought process is what helped me get my life back on track.

During my journey I was lucky enough to encounter the love of my life and he recommended a book, “The Passion Test”, that changed my life. It helped me focus on things that really mattered in life, which for me was my health and my relationships.

It's time to make your booty look great again!


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