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CURVES 4 LIFE - Motivating Daily Challenges! Fitness & Self-Love Monthly Membership

Life Time

Get Curves In All The Right Places From Home, With The Support

And Coaching You Need On Your Schedule…

Here's What You Get...

DAILY Workout Video Challenges
You get fun and balanced video training workouts that you can do at Home while Traveling, or at Gym.

You get videos at your fingertips that can be done that day with the community or at your own time in a user-friendly portal that is Streaming and Downloadable on all devices.
Every day these will challenge you and help you to get the best curves, smaller waist, and MORE Self-love.

EVOLVE your 🙆‍♀️MIND,🤸‍♀️BODY, 👨‍👩‍👦LIFE in a community of like-minded women. NO BURPIES INCLUDED!

Weekly Balanced Routine
Danita's secret routine revealed to you that'll help you balance your mind, fitness, and nutrition.

This essential and unique pillar is meant to keep you in positive thoughts to create a happy & healthy life as - without balance, all else will fail eventually.

You'll get simple, easy to follow, yet effective Daily Small Waist Challenges to FEEL good, staying young, energetic WHILE shrinking your waist- with Macro Calculator

You'll get Weekly Shopping Lists which paired with your daily challenges to make a complete program. Includes the easy breakdown of your Macros.

Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips with Danita Young
You will have 24/7 access to Group Coaches, Motivators, and I that is dedicated to pushing you to REACH your NEW & BEST YOU

I guide you through modification or advanced movements - no matter at whatever level you are.

This program is about progression NOT perfection and the journey is what we embrace.

This is for our fitness level, no matter whatever age you are - So, don't worry you're welcomed.

Daily Support & Accountability

Get the love, acceptance, and 24/7 support from your Accountability Partners that'll help reach your goals faster, easier and better. We lead with positivity and love!

Time to own your life again by getting motivated by the real women fighters with real results. Forget Comparison it is about Complimenting and Uplifting one another!

Forget Comparison it is about Complimenting and Uplifting one another!

Get empowered and guided thru our Weekly LIVES where we discuss important life & fitness topics. WARNING: RAW TRUTH and AUTHENTIC CONTENT

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