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 1-on-1 call with Danita, going over your Goals

✅ Monthly Accountability 
✅ LIVE Daily Workouts (saved for you to watch anytime) 
✅ FREE Customized Meal Plan  
✅ Daily Support & Accountability
 Fun Challenges & Prizes

 1-on-1 call with Danita, going over your Goals
I am so excited to "Meet You Personally" and go over your Fitness Goals!  I will inquire about your current diet & workouts regime and find solutions to work smarter instead of harder!   
 Monthly Accountability 
Everyone needs Accountability & I love how we do it in ELITE!  Every month we track our Mindset Transformation & our Body Transformation!  Focusing on Progression and Habit Building is our Focus!
✅ LIVE Daily Workouts (saved for you to watch anytime) 
Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips with Danita Young.  I guide you through modification or advanced movements - no matter your age or level.  Every week you will get: Booty Workouts, Yoga Workouts, Core-Strengthening Workouts, Upper-Body Workouts, Inner-Thigh Workouts & HIIT-Cardio Workouts!  
 FREE Customized Macro Meal Plan
Includes: 7 Secrets to a Bikini Body, Customized Macros to your Age & Weight, Daily Food Journal, Full Weeks Meal Guide, Recipes include Regular, Vegan & Pescatarian options & Meal Breakdown (restaurant approved)!
It is all about how you FEEL!  Time to get Fit, feel Young, full of Energy & radiating Confidence! 
✅ Daily Support & Accountability
You will have 24/7 access to Group Coaches, Motivators, and ME that is dedicated to pushing you to REACH your NEW & BEST YOU
Get the love & acceptance from your Accountability Partners that'll help reach your goals faster & easier.  We lead with positivity and love!  Forget Comparison it is about Complimenting and Uplifting one another!
✅ Fun Challenges & Prizes
Every Month is a NEW Challenge!  This keeps it fresh & fun!  Win Cash Prizes and Beauty Product GIVEAWAYS!  

The 3 Pillars of our Foundation: 
Restrictive Diets are a FAD, Quick Fixes create YoYo's, and Supplements are full of B.S. Are you ready for the TRUTH TO GET YOU TO YOUR BODY FOR GOOD? We promote healthy habits through Progression that will last Generations!
Instead of WeightLoss we focus on FatLoss. Educating Women about Speeding their Metabolism, Keeping Lean Muscle, Shredding Fat in their Sleep & Eating to Create REAL lasting results.
True results start from the Inside-Out! Body Shaming, Self Sabotage & Emotional Eating is why you are NOT reaching your goals! Our foundation is built upon Body Positive and that you will speak positive to yourself, motivate you to workout and make better food choices. 

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******* You can cancel anytime with our 30-day money back guarantee. No strings attached. This is to help you grow & evolve into your most powerful beautiful self! The daily challenges will always be evolving and created to challenge you even more! However, I want you to know that the amount of value in Curves 4 Life is WORTH WAY MORE than $37/month. Personal trainers cost $100’s to $1000’s of dollars a month. You will see the value and myself and the girls in the community are dedicated to support you to reach your goals. You can cancel by emailing You can manage your subscription from your own backend member dashboard. Or just hit reply to any of your email notifications about your membership.

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