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7 days to Healthier Enhanced Curves - naturally! When you think you are doing EVERYTHING correct… there may be a few KEY SECRETS in here that can help. Includes: 7 Secrets to a Bubble Booty & Smaller Waist, Customized Macros to your Age & Weight, Daily Food Journal, Full Weeks Meal Guide, Recipes include Regular, Vegan & Pescatarian options & Meal Breakdown (restaurant approved)!

Description: I am passionate about helping women build Confidence & Self-Love through better habits. Your Meal Plan will include:
-7 Secrets to a BUBBLE BOOTY & Small Waist
-Specific to your Body Shape
-Customized Macros to your Age & Weight
-Daily Food Journal
-Full Weeks Meal Guide
-Recipes include: Regular, Vegan & Pescatarian
-Meal Breakdown - to create your own meals (Restaurant Approved)


The Recipes provided herein contain ingredients that may cause allergic reaction in some individuals. These recipes are suggestions only. Do not make a recipe that contains ingredients that you are allergic to. If you are unsure about potential allergic reactions please consult your family physician. If you would like advice on how to replace certain ingredients feel free to email support@bootybands.com.

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