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Level 1 Booty Bands Black + FREE Workout Videos Online + FREE Small Waist Diet Plan.

What You Get:

✔️Patented & Durable Black Level 1 Booty Band®

✔️FREE 30 Day Online Workouts with Calendar

✔️BONUS Small Waist Diet Plan

✔️ACCESS to Private Facebook “SUPPORTIVE” Community


The Black Booty Band® - our Level 1 band is LOVED by so many because of the durability, comfort & ease of use with the FREE 10 FAMOUS BOOTY WORKOUTS!   (The #Mermaids are my favorite too). These proven & addicting workouts are available at your fingertips through any mobile device, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.  You will get MOTIVATED to LIFT, ROUND & FIRM YOUR BOOTY with your FUN NEW WORKOUTS! 

Know your Booty Bands®:

💜 LEVEL 1 Booty Band® - our Level 1 band is LOVED by so many because of the durability, comfort & ease of use with the FREE 10 FAMOUS BOOTY WORKOUTS!   (The #Mermaids are my favorite too). The Purple Booty Band secures your form & help you develop more strength in your glutes. GET READY TO LIFT, ROUND & FIRM YOUR BOOTY!  

💙 LEVEL 2 Booty Band® - HOT SELLER - This is our Level 2 band that comes with FREE 10 NEW Sculpting Upper Body & Core Online Workouts.   That’s right! Time to sculpt your arms, improve your posture & tone your core! These workouts are challenging but offer modifications if you need them.  By increasing the resistance with the Level 2 Teal Booty Band, you are continuing your body transformation to the level stage. GET READY TO SCULPT YOUR UPPER BODY with your FUN NEW WORKOUTS!

💗 LEVEL 3 Booty Band® - This is our TOP seller!  This is our Level 3 band that comes with FREE 10 NEW Booty Advanced Workouts!   These can be done with or without weights. The Pink Booty Band secures your form & help you can feel more confident in your form & range of motion.   GET READY TO BUBBLE YOUR BOOTY with these FUN NEW WORKOUTS!

⚪️  LEVEL 4 Booty Band® - our Level 4 is our NEWEST band- members asked for it & are loving it!  Level 4 comes with our FREE 10 NEW Booty Cardio Workouts! Members are raving over these addicting routines!  *New Motivation! *Fun Routines. *Easy to do! GET READY TO SHRED FAT FAST & KEEP YOUR CURVES!

What makes Booty Bands® so unique and effective is it offers the perfect resistance strength that was created with Danita’s specific booty workout routines. We designed the fabric so that it won’t tear or bruise your skin. Booty Bands® are a more durable, sturdy, and comfortable band to use while you perform your workout routines. Booty Bands® and the booty workout routines target all 3 parts of your booty, as well as target other leg muscles, core muscles and more.

The workout routines will get you in the best shape ever and help you feel great too. There are unlimited advantages to strengthening your hips, glutes, knees, and core! Such as better form in the gym, lightweight resistance for travel or at-home workouts, less back pain and hip pain, and a better physique! Booty Bands® are a GREAT solution to Shrink your Waist, Bubble your Booty and Sculpt your Arms & Legs.


Booty Bands® core purpose is to create healthy transformations starting with Self-love first, starting from the inside-out, because that's where true transformation comes from. We show you that you can step into your most powerful self, with MORE self-love starting with simple progressive steps to create a more evolved self-loving person. We do this through our community leaders, workouts, content, mental and self-love videos that help you become the healthiest and most strong woman that you already are. We listen to your story and where you are starting from, hear what your goals are, and help you step into your most powerful self to accomplish them.


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