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Level 2, 3 and 4 Booty Bands® with 30 NEW Online Workouts!

Triple Your Strength and Booty Results with our Level 2, 3 and 4 Booty Bands®

The Purple Booty Band® that you purchased is our Level 1 band that is great for beginners and for ankle or over the knee exercises. The Booty Band Groups and I use all three of the Booty Bands resistance.

It's time you complete your Booty Bands Essentials!

The Teal Booty Band® - This is our Level 2 band and it is great for those that want more of a challenge during the Booty workouts that are provided but is not overly challenging for anyone. In some of the exercises, you can increase the resistance by using this Teal Booty Band as a great way to start advancing your Booty Gains to the next Level.

The Pink Booty Band® - This is our TOP seller! This is our Level 3 band and it is great for keeping your knees in place during squats, leg press, or hamstring curls. This can be done with or without weights. What's great about the Pink strength is that it will strengthen your squat workouts and protect your knees and hips from turning inward. This helps prevents injuries and corrects your form. The Pink Booty Band secures your form the most out of all of the bands so that you can feel more confident in your range of motion. The Pink Booty Band is also great for kickbacks and walking squats.

Use all your Booty Bands resistance strengths during your workout routines and it will surely increase your strength and get you faster booty gain results.

Compared to the Level 3 Booty Band, our newly produced Level 4 Pearl Booty Band is characterized with much harder resistance. It is designed to help you progress faster in your fitness journey.

The Level 4 Booty Band comes with a 10-day Booty Band With Weights workout video series that are more challenging. Each workout involves weights and is definitely for those who are more advanced but you can always modify them based on your level.

The Booty Bands With Weights online workouts are a continuation of the 10-day Bubble Your Booty Shrink Your Waist Program you receive by purchasing the Level 1 Booty Band.

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