Retreat: August 6 - August 10th

Start 2020 With This Life

Changing Retreat.

15 Booty Bands Members Will Discover 

Inner & Outer Freedom From The 

#1 Transformative Women’s 

Mind, Body & Life Retreat

  • Move fear to FREEDOM by dissolving the sabotage-loop

  • Relax into your Divine BEAUTY with the Pampering Self Care

  • Embrace your Mindset RESET while transforming into the New You.

Start 2020 With This 

Life Changing Retreat.

15 Booty Bands Members Will Discover Inner & Outer Freedom From The #1 Transformative Women’s Mind, Body & Life Retreat

  • Move fear to FREEDOM by dissolving the sabotage-loop

  • Relax into your Divine BEAUTY with the Pampering Self Care

  • Embrace your Mindset RESET while transforming into the New You.



Beautiful Home in Southern Utah

We will be staying in an amazing home to can sleep up to 15 people comfortably. We will all be growing, learning experiencing this all together. St. George is a city in southwestern Utah. Nearby Snow Canyon State Park offers trails, dunes and red sandstone cliffs. Sand Hollow State Park features a large reservoir. It's the top 

5 destination for retreats in the U.S.



Your entire stay will include an amazing mansion together in St George that will fit everyone very comfortably  


Amazing healthy and yummy Meals for entire retreat for  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Snacks in between 

for the 4 days

Massage Therapist

All guest get pampered after a hike with a professional massage therapist that we personally tried out to make sure they are perfect for this retreat for you.

Powerful Speakers

Powerful speakers that are here to help shift your mindset and life.


We are bringing in the best yoga teachers in St George to bring a different experience that you've had 

with yoga. 

Airpot Shuttle

We will pick you up from the Las Vegas or St George airport and drop you off.

Personal Training

You will get personal training workouts 1:1 with Danita and other workout coaches everyday. We will work on your form and your goals specifically.

Makeover and Photos

We are having Glam By Sara B and her team doing makeovers for everyone while we do photoshoots together to capture the new you!

Hike Instructor

Professional Hike Instructor to guide us to overcome fears and into freedom. These hikes will be amazing views in the beautiful outdoors of Southern Utah


Change your Mind, Body & Life

Nutritional Boost

At this retreat we will given specifics nutritional guidelines for fat elimination with meal prep demos, recipe ideas and mindful eating secrets.

Workouts Made For You

You’re in for a treat with our Scenic Hikes, Sunset Yoga and Tips on lifting weights for women to get sculpted and toned.

Mindset Reset

You will love how simple self-development really is when the techniques make it easy to be aware of what you are doing. Our 1:1 support will help you master your loops and cycles.

Why were creating THIS RETREAT  

"We believe that all women have a divine power internally that can heal their thoughts leading to self-sabotage-looping. Going on a retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our strength, wisdom, beauty & self-love-loop. 

 Our aspiration at Booty Bands® is to inspire women to master their inner world (thoughts) to then master their body & life goals. Moving fear to freedom - We Will Enhance the YOU in your BeYOUtiful Journey." 




Nutrition Training

This year's retreat we will show you exactly how to combine the right nutrition for you to get faster to your goals. Studies have proven that exercise alone cannot drive significant weight loss, our subconscious eating habits can easily counteract the benefits of all that sweat. 

Workout Training

Meet your goals faster with our hands on personal trainers that will be here to help perfect your form, working on stability, and give you details optimized best for you and your goals.

Mindset Reset

It doesn't matter how many meal plans or workouts I give to you. If your mindset is not on track - the rest of you will become disassembled. Our speakers and activities will dive into the looping that you've created, mastering the awareness with the new creation of a Self Love loop and get you on to the right road again.

listen to these life changing results


There is limited space for the August 6th - August 10th Retreat, so If you book now we will hold your space. We accept payment installments. The 4 part payment installments are 30% more but we understand that not everyone can pay for this all in one payment. This is for you if you are serious because we are series about putting together a life changing event for you

change your life to be at its best

Move Fear to FREEDOM

Relax & Get Pampered into your Divine BEAUTY

Embrace your Mindset RESET


Thursday, AUGUST 6, 2020 

Here's a basic breakdown of Thursday's schedule. Try and fly in as early as possible if you can...


Guests arrive in Las Vegas, hosts meet at the airport with our shuttle and drive to the Retreat House in St. George Utah (1.5 Hours).

Intro & Games

Introductions and fun ice breaker game

Stretch It Out

Deep Relaxation Yoga Stretch and Guided meditation


Writing out and Setting Intentions for Year & Get to know you and strategies to help you achieve those goals throughout the retreat


We have an amazing chef that is preparing dinner for us and teach us new nutritional tips




Nutritional Breakfast from amazing chef. Green smoothie demo/prepare booty balls for our hike  

Booty Bands & Barbells Workout

We are going to show you new workouts that are specific to your form and body 

Empowering Hike

Self Love Hike and lunch at the summit.

Mindset Reset with Danita

Danita will go through her powerful 'I lack exercise' & find your Loop. This has changed dozens of women's lives in her 1:1 coaching


Dinner (demo how to prepare) raw foods vs. cooked/how to shop perimeter of supermarket, etc. with Daisy



Sunrise Yoga with Tea

Yoga and tea in the best location in St George with an amazing Yoga teacher


You’re an gym goer seeking enhanced performance

Hike with a View

This image you see is of the valley we are hiking to. It is breathtaking and will help you overcome your goals


After our hike you will love these professional massage therapists from St, George

Speaker Cindy O'Brien

Mindful Eating discussion with Cindy. This will be an  amazing treat and a great mindset reset


After our hike, massage and speaker, it's important for us all to have some time for reflection on what you learned and experienced.



Sunrise Yoga

Yoga and tea in the best location in St George with an amazing Yoga teacher


Most nutritional chef made breakfast

Makeover & Self-love Photoshoot

We will have a professional make-up artist do your make up for our professional photographer


Dinner (demo how to prepare) new meals for the year that are specific to your body type and goals

Q&A with Danita

Get answers to more of what is coming up for you and your life changing new year with Danita



For those who want to stay and extra day to get FULL value out of the weekend, we have an extra BONUS day


Our last chef made breakfast

Group Favorite

We can have the group choose from what their favorite event was and we will recreate that.


This is a bonus surprise! You're in for your last treat

bonus: retreat gift bag

When you arrive we present you with your complimentary 

Booty Bands Retreat Gift bag that is valued 

at $149. You can only get at this retreat.


Caught in a Negative Loop?

If your mindset is not on track - the rest of you will become disassembled. And the first step to change is Awareness!

Ready for Better Change?

You have 1 life. Let's start living our best. Master their inner world (thoughts) to then master their body & life goals.

Need to feel like YOU again?

Need to feel like YOU again? We Will Enhance the YOU in your BeYOUtiful Journey with so much Self Care!

BeYOUtiful Retreat 2020
  • Price includes lodging, food, activities, and airport pickup and drop-off

  • You can do installment payments below that are 30% more in price

Note: If you have any questions regarding the retreat you can email


What is all that is included:  

Lodging, Meals for entire retreat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Snacks in between for 4 days. Massage therapist, Gift bag, Makeover, Yoga Teacher, Powerful speakers, Hike Instructor, Personal training 1:1 workouts, Photographer, Van Pickup & Drop Off.. and of course the experience of a life-time.

Where do I fly into?  

You will book your Flight to Las Vegas Nevada or Saint George Utah on Thursday March 26th 2020 and you can depart either Sunday March 29th or Depart Monday March 30th. Your airfare will need to be covered by you. You will be picked up by a Shuttle and brought to the retreat home at no cost. Please include your number at checkout - so that we can contact you.

How do I get from airport to Retreat?  

From Las Vegas or Saint George airport, you will be picked up by a shuttle and brought to the retreat home at no cost. If you need more help, please Direct Message Danita in FB messenger.

Will prices go up?

Yes the early bird prices will end Jan 15th and will go up from there. We're only looking for women who are serious about making this the best life changing retreat

Are there installment payments?

Yes! If you see above there is an installment option with the dates that will be taken out automatically from your card . The Installment payment option is 30% higher. 

What if I'm on the fence about coming?

We are looking for 15 women that are serious about getting to their goals without the excuses or looping that has been holding them back. We are very excited to spend this weekend with you to unlock your fullest potential!

What do I need to Bring?  

Please bring your own personal snacks for flight and shuttle to retreat. Also bring a pen, journal, hiking shoes, outfits: at least 3 workout outfits, comfy or pajamas, and photoshoot outfits (fitness or lifestyle attire like as a dress.)

What if I have an allergy?  

Please inform Danita through FB messenger before coming, so that we can prepare meals around allergies

What if I can't do some of the activities?

Tell any of the instructors at the retreat and we will show you a modification as needed.

What is the refund policy?

Because this retreat depends on the certain number of attendees there will be no refunds available

What if I can't make this retreat dates?

We can't promise another retreat but if there is we will be sure to announce it in the groups and emails.

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