Smallest Change,Biggest Difference...

Every woman, whether she is a stay at home mom, a busy working woman, a student or a gym rat, deserves to feel confident in her body.

YOU deserve to have a round, lifted and firm booty.

Unfortunately, in the real world it's not easy to get everything you deserve. It can be because you don’t have enough time, you don’t want to go to the gym, you hate working out or maybe you secretly don’t think you can get the perfect booty because you just don’t have the right genes...

Ladies, my name is Danita Young and I am here to tell you that you can achieve all of that and more! It is the smallest change, that is going to make the biggest difference in your life.


Its called Booty Bands®

Booty Band® is not just a band.

Honestly, you can get a workout band from anywhere.

Booty Band® is much much more than that.

It is a COMPLETE Booty Solution that comes with your Booty Band®, 10-days of my Proven Booty Workouts, our Small Waist Diet Plan, and our Private Facebook Group. This private group you WILL get Support from 1000's of women going through a similar journey. I can't stress how POWERFUL this group is in your transformation. Imagine that you we're slightly scared to post a before pic, or a question about eating, or a question about your booty workout, and you get tons of women responding to your comments! It's one of the most inspiring communities that I have ever seen

So let’s talk about the band first.

Booty Band® is a patented physical Booty Band that is snap, stretch and sweat resistant.

It is designed to not rip, bruise, or roll-up on you while you workout. You don’t want to stop in the middle of your workouts to mess around with your band, you just want results! Booty Bands® is designed to make you feel your booty burning, knowing that you will get the results from your new Booty Bands® and the 10-day booty workouts that you can take with you for a lifetime!

Want to know the full story behind Booty Bands® Click here to read it!

10 Day Bubble Your Booty Workout Program

Now, a professional Booty shaper for 10 years, I have seen a lot of women who are exhausted from all of the programs that they've tried leaving them losing weight with no curves. I see that they are working their quads and not building their booty. I see them joining communities and not getting REAL support.

Why does this happen?

They had the tools, they had their bands, and they had passion...


They were in pursuit of their dream booty but they were spending their energy and time on the wrong workouts.

To get your perfect booty, whether it's petite or big, you need to do the right workouts!

That’s why each Booty Bands® comes with a 10-Day Bubble Your Booty Workout Routine which has made thousands of women really happy! Designed specifically to help you enhance your booty, this program features exclusive patented booty workout routines that target all 3 areas of your glutes, helping you quickly get a firm, full and beautiful bum!.

This program features 10 days of easy workout videos where I will walk and talk you through each workout while using your own Booty Bands®. You will be able to access these videos through your mobile or laptop, from anywhere at anytime.

15 minutes a day and you will be on your way to sexy, curvy land!

Its not Magic but its Close!

Life is too short for regrets. It passes us by quickly and its up to us to define the quality of our life. If you want to be more confident, look amazing in literally anything (or nothing!), and get the support that you deserve , then you need to add booty bands to your workouts!

Booty Growth Package

Free Big Booty Diet Book

The Tricks To Shrink Your Waist and Bubble Your Booty

Your diet plays a huge role in the kind of results you see from your workouts.

That’s why besides the band and the workout videos, you will also get my guide ‘10 Day Bubble Your Booty Diet Program’. In this eBook, Danita has combined all of the years of dieting knowledge into a simple yet effective diet plan that you can follow.

The diet in this guide is specifically designed to help ANYONE who wants a smaller waist and bigger body with the help of proven fitness diet program from Danita herself!

It's Free Today

Dominate The World With Killer Curves!


Your body has an enormous amount of potential and booty bands is the key to unlocking it!

Booty Bands can help you get the killer curves that will look you awesome in your mini-dress when you are partying, your jeans when you are hanging out with friends, or in your bikini when you are getting a little sun on the beach!

Danitas Story

Danita Young is a Personal Trainer, Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, Model, Dance Instructor, Coach, Mentor. But do those titles really define me? What about all trials in life that made me who I am. Everyone has a story? Here is my real story:

Originally lost in the molds of society, trapped in bad relationships, and easily persuaded by negativity; I lost myself in the low self-esteem dungeon. I remember looking down at my soft cellulite body and covering my slow growing tire with spanks. Overdosing on cardio and half starving myself. I honestly didn’t know any better. That was the old me. I had then created a new imaginary life to relieve myself from what I was experiencing. I didn’t realize how impactful it was.

Though my discovery, I met the love of my life and he got me the book, “The Passion Test.” I became consumed in learning my passion. My passion is to make women the most attractive and the most confident that they can be. Their transformations, personally, emotionally and physically are what drive me to do what I do…. And this was the start of Booty Bands™.

Today I still get goosebumps when I see a Booty Bands™ customer look at their transformation pictures and see that self-esteem & confidence boost that I crave for all women to have.

Butterflying into an inspiring, motivating, and positive role model became my reality. Don’t stop creating THE NEW YOU TOO, forget the titles!


Yesterday You Said Tomorrow!

It’s time you put your heart, mind and soul into your booty and turn all that wishful thinking into a will!

It’s time to get a booty!

Booty Growth Package

Again, if you join our New Year’s Evolve Health & Fitness Program, I stand by the amazing results that you’ll be proud of. However, if whatever reason you are not happy, we have a 15-day money back guarantee. Within the first 15 days for your purchase, simply let us know by contacting our support on the other side of this and you will be issued a full refund.

*One-Time Payment For Lifetime Access