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Every woman, whether she is a stay at home mom, a busy working woman, a student or a gym rat, deserves to feel confident in her body.

YOU deserve to have a round, lifted and firm booty.

Ladies, my name is Danita Young and I am here to tell you that you can achieve all of that and more! It is the smallest change, that is going to make the biggest difference in your life.

What Is Booty Bands®?

Booty Bands® is a patented physical Booty Band that comes with a proven 10-Day Bubble Your Booty workout routine that is fully downloadable or streaming. The 10-Day Bubble Your Booty routine is always available at your fingertips through any mobile device, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

What makes Booty Bands® so unique and effective is; its perfect resistance strength that was created with Danita’s specific booty workout routines. We designed the fabric so that it won’t tear or bruise your skin. The Booty Bands® won’t hike up or move around during your booty workout routines, which is a common problem women see with resistance bands.

Booty Bands® and the booty workout routines target all parts of your booty, as well as target all of your stomach muscles. This will shrink your waist while at the same time bubbling your booty. Your abs and waist will feel and look great. All of this is designed to create your best shape. Booty Bands® is the best solution to bubbling your booty and shrinking your waist.

Whats Included

The Patented Booty Band

Lifetime Access to Bubble Your Booty Workout Program

Free Booty Enhancement Diet Plan Eat Your Way To Big Booty

Everything for Only: $99.99

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Here are some girls that have used Booty Bands® 10-day Bubble Your Booty program.


Look at all of these satisfied new Big Booties and Small Waists …

I have always been looking for new workouts to form my butt and make it grow, but I haven’t been able to find any good workouts that isolate the glutes.. until I was introduced to Booty Bands 10-day program by Danita ?. I was a little sceptic at first because come on, rubber bands? But after trying this workout out a couple times I realized how effective it actually was, since it is isolating the glutes and working all angles of them as well! I kept with the program and even after the 10 days because of the results and how fun it was. People are stopping me on the streets to ask me what I have done to get such a great butt. I am so thankful to finally have found such an amazing butt workout routine. Game changer!! – Jenn ** Individual results may vary
I used Danita’s Booty Bands 10-day program just one time and fell in love with the bands and the easy program I have been using other bands for the past 6 months and find the resistance becomes loose too quickly, and some of them even start to rip. The bands I am using right now, I have to use two of them at the same time, and they are not even close to the resistance of Danita’s booty bands. Not only are they in really cute colors but they don’t roll up on you while working out! – Stacey ** Individual results may vary
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The Patented Booty Band

Lifetime Access to Bubble Your Booty Workout Program

Free Booty Enhancement Diet Plan Eat Your Way To Big Booty

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We’re super-proud of the products we make…In fact, we believe in our products so much that if you’re not satisfied with your product within the first 30 days of your purchase, simply send our support team an email (support@bootybands.com) and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

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