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Sculpt & Tone Barbell + 3 Free Gifts

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4.8 (3,576 reviews)

  • Sculpt & Tone Your Body
  • Printed Routine - Gift #1
  • Coaching Call - Gift #2
  • 14 Day Challenge - Gift #3
  • Barbell with 46 lbs of Weight
  • Add Up To 220 lbs of Weight
  • Become Sexy Strong
  • Designed for Women, by Women
  • Get Results or Your Money Back
  • Interest free payment plans available


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Real Results

Barbell Wall of Fame

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Almost 60 and love seeing all the changes! These barbell are pure gold! I’m on Day 13 and these are already changing my life! I can feel muscles that haven’t fired in years and have so many new empowering positive thoughts. I will continue the commitment to loving myself!"

Life Changing Benefits

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Advanced Fat Loss

Weight training has been proven to speed your metabolism which helps burn your fat faster. Research is now showing that it's for efficient and effective weight loss long term. Leaving you more Sculpted & Toned!

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Boosts Energy

Exercise causes the body to release endorphins and increase oxygen and nutrients to your tissues that helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improves, you have more energy to tackle those daily chores. As well unlimited benefits of improved sleep, a stabilize mood and decompression of your mind.

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Sculpt & Tone

Improved strength builds lean muscle that is proven to turn your body into a fat burining machine. Our certified and expert coaches that have decades of experience will support you to your goals. We follow the Busy Booty Blueprint, which guarantees to cut fat and keep your curves in just 15 minutes a day! 💖

HOW IT Sculpts & Tones

Designed for Better Control

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This barbell weighs 46 lbs and you can add an up to 220 extra lbs. Don't be fooled by the cute colors, this barbell works. The 4 foot barbell designed perfect for Women. You get: 1 Barbell Bar, 2 barbell clamps, 2 X 3 lb. purple weight plates. 2 X 5 lb. teal weight plates. 2 X 10 lb. pink weight plates. The biomechanics and physiological benefits from the design from the 4 foot bar creates the weight to be more centered over the base of support on your body which means you can control the weight, lessening accessory muscle use, and the torque that can occur in the low back

Personalized Routine for You

Life can get complicated, but your fitness routine shouldn’t be! 🤗 In fact, if your plan is simple and effective, you'll be more consistent. 😲 We are making it possible for busy women to sculpt & tone in just 15 minutes a day! You will get a routine that will easily fit into your busy lifestyle and help you stay consistent. Our Busy Booty Blueprint 🍑 helps keep you on track for success!


By far the most uplifting, non judgmental, the most encouraging and empowering group of women that you will come across. Women uplifting women! Meet women that are going through your exact struggles to support you through them. We are succeeding together!


Use your Barbell and follow the Busy Booty Blueprint. See results in 30 days or your money back.


Personalized Routine

This is a $199 value that is NO cost to you today when you order. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Your expert coach will go over your goals and she will provide you a personalized workout and nutrition routine to get to your goals faster. Our coaches are here to help you step into your most powerful self and look and feel your best.



This is a $19.99 value at NO cost to you today. Your barbell comes with a free PRINTED routine as a gift for ordering today. This routine includes 15 minute guided workouts that are scientifically proven to cut fat and keep your curves! 🍑 These 15 guided workouts are free in our fitness app.


Your glowing confidence is here. You will look and feel your best with your new transformation.

Expert Coaches

We have certified trainers and expert coaches that have decades of experience with sculpting women's bodies. Our coaches and workouts follow the Busy Booty Blueprint that is proven to cut fat and keep your curves.

OUR BODIES NEED Resistance Training

As we age:

We lose lean muscle and our bodies will see:
-Weight Gain
-Loss of Energy
-Loss of Strength
​-More Aches & Pains
-Soft, Flat & Saggy
-Slower Metabolism
-Flat Booty


-Increases Metabolism
-Increases Energy ​
-Reduces Aches & Pains
-Creates Feminine Curves
-Shapes and Lifts Your Booty
-Increases Strength ​
-Improves Mood

Your Purchase Supports...


You are supporting a female owned company. Your purchase also helps create jobs for female coaches who are here to help other women get to their best mind, body, and life. Our products are proudly made in the U.S. We have consciously shifted to improve our local economies by hiring people and providing jobs in the US. Because of this shift, we have sacrificed profits for our business to help be apart of the solution for the US economy. You are supporting small businesses, jobs in the US and US manufactures! Thank you!

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