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Booty Bands & Barbells® Protein is excited about our custom-designed highest quality sourced ingredients that are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Protein sourced from almonds, pea, and rice.
Non-GMO, no extra fillers, no added sugar, no preservatives, no soy, no dairy, gluten-free!

Only 80 calories per serving
15g of protein
‘Beyond 9 Essential Amino Acids’

Booty Bands & Barbells® Protein did 5 Blind-Taste-Testing that compared ours to the top 5 most popular Proteins on the market and ours WON BEST TASTING! Not only is the taste outstanding, but the protein is very healthy with our ‘Beyond 9 Essential Amino Acids’ that help build lean muscle, repair tissues, and improve hormones. You will not feel bloated after drinking our protein. Using our protein and combing with our barbells, dumbbells, booty bands and our fitness app is the PERFECT combo to get a tightened, toned, sculpted body.

Studies show that most people are not getting in their daily protein needed to sustain a leaner & toned body!

With the correct amount of daily protein intake, you’ll get lean muscle, more definition, and a more toned body. Get the right amount of daily protein and your body becomes a fat-burning machine and you’ll start to feel stronger, healthier, tighter & EVEN increased energy! Feed your body with the correct nutrition it needs and I guarantee that you’ll start seeing those results you work so hard for.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to boost your metabolism, have an active lifestyle, wanting to get extra protein into your daily diet, and taking your health and fitness goals to the next level. It’s as simple as mixing it with water or milk in a shaker, or blend it into your favorite smoothies, or getting creative with your baked goods!

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