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Show Yourself Some Love

November 11, 2019 3 min read

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you."

Danita Young   Owner & Cofounder of Booty Bands®
Certified Personal Trainer, NQ Bikini Competitor, Nutritionist, Model & Women's Mindset Specialist.  After years of failing with my transformation, I devoted my life to finding the true solutions. Passionately helping 100's of 1000’s of Women worldwide reach their goals too!  

Each day as we wake up, we have a thousand priorities that need to get accomplished and most of these are mostly other people priorities.  In fact, your needs always seem to be last.  Can you relate:  

  • Emails: they need your time
  • Relationship:  they need your love
  • Family: they need your support
  • Kids: they need your help
  • Bills: they need your money
  • Work: they need your wisdom
Everybody and everything will always be in need of you.  So if you aren't full in your own cup of Love, Happiness, Health and Balance then who is going to do that for you?  

Set Your Boundaries

Putting your foot down with how you want to be treated will set the foundation of respect.  So often we "put up" with disrespect.  Why does this happen?  Usually the answer can be rooted down to how we feel or think about ourselves. 

 "I'm Not Good Enough"  is a common one. 

Establishing a boundary with yourself will set the foundation for others.  

ACTION:  Write in your journal tonight about how you forgive yourself and what thoughts you need to re-worded towards love, gentleness and respect towards yourself.  

Rely on No One for your Happiness

We can't control other people, however we can control how secure we are.   Feeling insecure can make you feel weak and feeling secure can make you feel powerful so how do we always feel secure?  It's all inside of you.  

ACTION: Write in your journal tonight about your awareness of what you have been relying on other people for.  Next to each one - write how you can transition to take ownership of this.  

Schedule YOU into your Day

Have you ever taken yourself on a date?  Seems kinda awkward but seriously can fill your cup up.  Filling up with your own positivity will do wonders for you, TRUST ME! 

ACTION: Add any of these into your week: 

  • candle light meditation
  • buy your favorite flowers
  • soak in a bubble bath
  • make a fancy expensive dinner
  •  dress up in your favorite outfit
  • schedule a self-love photoshoot
  • join a positive community

I just want to say that i belonged to a lot of Facebook groups throughout the years, but this one is by far the most uplifting, non judging, most encouraging and empowering group of women i have ever come across to!!" 
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lisanne St-Onge

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