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Level 2 Booty Bands + 10 Sculpting Upper Body & Core Online Workouts

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The Teal Booty Band® - This is our Level 2 band and it is great for those who want more of a challenge during their Booty workouts. Workouts are provided within our Member’s Portal, and are both challenge, but offer modifications if you need them. You can increase the resistance by using this Teal Booty Band as a great way to start advancing your Booty Gains to the next Level.

What makes Booty Bands® so unique and effective is it offers the perfect resistance strength that was created with Danita’s specific booty workout routines. We designed the fabric so that it won’t tear or bruise your skin. Booty Bands® are a more durable, sturdy, and comfortable band to use while you perform your workout routines. Booty Bands® and the booty workout routines target all 3 parts of your booty, as well as target other leg muscles, core muscles and more.

The workout routines will get you in the best shape ever and help you feel great too. There are unlimited advantages to strengthening your hips, glutes, knees, and core! Such as better form in the gym, lightweight resistance for travel or at-home workouts, less back pain and hip pain, and a better physique! Booty Bands® are a GREAT solution to bubbling your booty and shrinking your waist.

What You Get:

✔️Strong, Patented Level 2 Teal Booty Band

✔️FREE NEW 10 Sculpting Upper Body & Core Online Workouts

✔️BONUS Small Waist Diet Plan

✔️Access to Private Facebook Community

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