How To Add Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

November 08, 2019 4 min read

Danita Young Ā  Owner & Cofounder of Booty BandsĀ®
Certified Personal Trainer, NQ Bikini Competitor, Nutritionist, Model & Women's Mindset Specialist.Ā Ā After years of failing with my transformation, I devoted my life to finding the true solutions. Passionately helping 100's of 1000ā€™s of Women worldwide reach their goals too!Ā Ā 

With our daily lives keeping us occupied throughout the day, consistently managing fitness into our routines can be tough. I know for a fact that it can get a bit overwhelming at times having experienced it myself.

Running my own business and being too occupied in my own routine took its toll on me. I neglected and ignored what my body was telling me and I ended up regretting not paying attention to what my body was telling me. I was at a point in my life where I was not really happy with my own body and it made me very uncomfortable.

Do you feel the same way? Are your daily responsibilities making it difficult to not factor in exercise? Do you want to turn your life around and adopt a daily fitness routine that you can follow and stick to everyday?

This realization is everything. I had the same sense of self-awareness overcome me before I put my foot down and dedicated myself to making a change. And trust me, this is not just a physical change that I am talking about, but a mental one as well. I felt good about my body, the way I looked and most importantly, myself.

How did I do it?

The secret is to keep it pretty SIMPLE ā€“ focus on the word SIMPLE for a minute.

By adopting small and simple changes, I was able to make a daily fitness routine a part of my daily life and it transformed me into the person I am today and it motivated me to help others bring about the same change into their lives ā€“ that is why I started this program in the first place.

#1 ā€“ Be GREATER than your Body!Ā 

There are only 3 things that stop us from getting our vision of the future they areĀ the BODY,Ā the ENVIRONMENTĀ and TIME.

So how are you going to be GREATER than the state of your body today?Ā _______________________________ ______________________________________________________ Example: Even though I feel pain in my knee ... it won't stop me from doing an upper body workout today.Ā 

Simple yet effective.Ā  Allows you to let go of self pity and excuses; and let's you focus on finding solutions.Ā  When you catch yourself being the "OLD YOU" - this awareness is the first step to change!Ā  So be kind to yourself and think Progression over Perfection!Ā 

#2 ā€“ Be GREATER than your Environment

How are you going to be GREATER than your environment today? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Example: Even though my family eats really unhealthy, I will set aside my own healthy meals.Ā 

#3 ā€“ Be GREATER than Time

How are you going to be GREATER than the demands of time today? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Example: Even though I am a single parent mom working full time, I am going to stay positive and do only empowered actions.Ā 


Being part of a communityĀ and having someone to share your journey with really does help to bring positivity and an added sense of motivation. Just take a look at our community page and see some of our success stories.

By making these small and simple changes in my life I was able to turn things around for me. I prioritized, made time and became a better version of me!Ā  This really put my focus in where it was necessary along with my daily commitments to make time for me and you can do the same.

Your mental and physical health is important, so make sure that you remember to do the things that your body needs to stay fit and happy.

I just want to say that i belonged to a lot of Facebook groups throughout the years, but this one is by far the most uplifting, non judging, most encouraging and empowering group of women i have ever come across to!!"Ā 
ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­ - Lisanne St-Onge

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