Most Common Ways People Sabotage Their Fitness Goals

November 11, 2019 3 min read

Danita Young   Owner & Cofounder of Booty Bands®
Certified Personal Trainer, NQ Bikini Competitor, Nutritionist, Model & Women's Mindset Specialist.   After years of failing with my transformation, I devoted my life to finding the true solutions. Passionately helping 100's of 1000’s of Women worldwide reach their goals too!  

So many women talk about a better body, more energy, and staying on track but yet, they can't seem to actually change or stick with it?  Why do so many of us sabotage our routines, healthy goals and resolutions?  Will you change in crises (diabetes, disease, cancer, injury) or change now? 

FACT:  We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in one day. And 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before. 
So if thoughts are your future, and 90% of those thoughts are exactly the same as the day before, then it makes sense then your future isn't going to change very much because the same thoughts always lead to the same choices. 

So how do we get caught is Self-Sabotage Cycle?   I will show you right now, grab your journal. 
1- Think for a moment right now about something that you are 'Lacking" in your life right now. 
2- What are the "Feelings" you feel when you think of that Lack in your life?  Trail down the feelings.  Ex: I feel alone when I lack a companion then I feel not good enough and then I feel depressed and hopeless
3-  What do you "Do" after these feelings to the thing that you are lacking?  Ex:  I sit alone, inside my room, eat bad foods and watch a lot of TV.  

Do you NOW see why you are lacking this thing in your life?   

Thinking and feeling, and feeling and thinking, feeling and reacting, reacting to our feelings just turns into that vicious cycle.  I know, I have been there too.  So how do we break this cycle that essentially is a habit?  Well, a habit is a redundant set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that's acquired through frequent repetition.  A habit is when you've done something so many times that your body now knows how to do it better than your conscious mind.  The first step to change is Awareness and you already completed the 1st step! 

How do I create a Self-Love Cycle?   

Let's do it right now, grab your journal. 
1.  Write out your Sabotage Cycle 
2.  Cross off the shit you have been doing
3.  Write in the things you should be doing. 

SECRET: "Outsmart Yourself" 

Ex: I have a terrible issue with variety of something. Such as when I get a plate of different flavored donuts, I HAVE to try all of them. My solution is first awareness of this issue, second I tell loved ones to help, and last I say "NO" to any and all Buffets!  I've been 7 years sober.  LOL

Feeling Accomplished!  My cellulite is better and I am more confident wearing  my bikini!" 

- Janna

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