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Why Making The Right Food Choices Is Important

November 11, 2019 3 min read

Why Making The Right Food Choices Is Important

Danita Young Ā  Owner & Cofounder of Booty BandsĀ®
Certified Personal Trainer, NQ Bikini Competitor, Nutritionist, Model & Women's Mindset Specialist.Ā Ā  After years of failing with my transformation, I devoted my life to finding the true solutions. Passionately helping 100's of 1000ā€™s of Women worldwide reach their goals too!Ā Ā 

Have you heard any of these ideas to burn those "extra calories" ....Ā 

  • park further to walk a little extra
  • colder weather
  • take the stairsĀ 
  • a grapefruit a day
  • walk during your lunch breakĀ 
Don't get me wrong these are all great ways to burn those extra calories but when we get focused on "calories in vs calories out"Ā our mind interpretsĀ it like this: "I took the stairs today, so I can have the cheesecake."Ā  Ā This justification is what keeps us in the never-ending cycle of never getting our goals.Ā Ā 
When I said this in the#BBmember group today, Alice (a #bbmember) wrote,Ā "I felt the same when pregnant or breast feeding...people kept telling me I could eat WAY more but in reality thatā€™s not true and it got me into a bad way of thinking/bad habits."Ā Ā 

So how do we live our life and still reach our fitness goals?Ā 

#1 Replace NOT Restrict
Just like the rubber band theory the more you pull towards restrictions like I can't eat carbs, zero sugar, and strict diets the more you pull away fromhomeostasis (your balance) andĀ therefore creates a rebound effect of overeating, loss of control and back to thebeginning.Ā Ā 
Solution: Be kind to yourself when you mess up.Ā  Change happens in a state of embracing yourself and progressing at a pace that will turn into a life long habit.Ā 

#2 UnderstandingĀ your Cravings
When you google 'cravings' it's only images of women suffering with sugar, salty or greasy obsessions.Ā  Why is it that men don't have these massive obsessions too?Ā Ā First, let's understand what a craving is.Ā  A craving is the body's response to tell you it's deficiency in a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient.Ā Ā 

So why do women have cravings?Ā Ā 

Few reasons, during the last 2 weeks of a woman's menstrual cycle, her body acquired 80% of the nutrients that she took in all month long.Ā  So now when you add pregnancy and breast feeding into the equation you know where this is going.Ā Ā 
Solution:Ā  add more greens, nuts, seeds, and fruit into your diet.Ā  Booty Ballsis my favorite snack to curb my cravings!Ā Ā 

#3 Your Small Waist is finally here!Ā 

Keep it simple.... your goal is not staving, not calorie counting, not extreme workouts, not a restrictive diet.

Solution:Ā  keep your blood sugar balanced in every meal by including: (lean) protein, (complex/fibrous) carbs & (healthy) fats in each meal.Ā  Averaging 4-5 meals a day and reducing carbs towards the evening.Ā  Ā 

I loved what I saw in the mirror. OMG Iā€™m sexy!Ā Ā Itā€™s a great feeling to be able to look in the mirror whether itā€™s in the morning or at night and like what I see!"Ā 

- Xochil

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